Have We Learned Nothing From 2016 About How to Cover Women in Politics?

“No sooner had Elizabeth Warren (all but) announced her 2020 presidential candidacy than the same old sexist narratives began: “How does Warren avoid a Clinton redux—written off as too unlikable before her campaign gets off the ground?” wondered a now much-shared and much-eye-roll-inducing Politico report published on New Year’s Eve. On Thursday, on the occasion of Nancy Pelosi becoming only the second person in American history to be named Speaker of the House again after losing the title, Politico weighed in with an op-ed that could have been titled “How to Be Speaker for Dummies”: “How to Talk so Trump Will Listen: A GOP Guide for Pelosi” . . . as if she might be clueless to the art of bipartisan compromise after more than 30 years in Congress. In other news, it appears at least some members of the media have learned exactly nothing from recent history”…

An interesting piece by Michelle Ruiz. Continue reading here

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