Why Politics

Various forms of governments have been in existence since the start of time. With any group of civilians, comes the need to form an organization to set boundaries and govern the constituents. As a collective society, it is ample that we have order and rules to properly survive and excel as a community. In today’s world, politicians are often under scrutiny for limited or even ignoring certain groups of peoples most basic rights. We see politicians neglecting their duties and not aiding those who need it the most. 

This is why, instead of complaining about our politicians, we should stand up and fight for our rights. We have grown up hearing the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” So today is the day that you become the change. You have the power to run for office and help improve the lives of many. By becoming an elected offical, you can stand up and fight for equal pay, fight for zero tolerance of sexual harassment, fight for equal education, right for better health care, fight for the those who cannot fight for themselves. We need more strong and powerful women, like you, in office to promote peace, equality, and justice for all.